rauschmelder(.org) contains: berlin nightlife suggestions, based on my personal opinion only. most of these are concerts/livegigs, also some parties/dj-sets, a few readings and other events as well.

no rss-feeds, no ical-export, no other fancy features.

berlin events: name of the location.
elsewhere events: name of the city.
bold text: go figure.

no further information provided.
sometimes i do link to flyers or event-specific sites, though.
meet me on the band room rug.

life is short and love is always over in the morning
( — the sisters of mercy, temple of love )

liebe promoter, bookingmenschen, location-praktikanten und nachwuchsbands: bitte gern keine newsletter, auch keine promowaschzettel, keine termin-emails. ich finde den meisten kram gern selbst. danke & bussi.